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Testing Laboratory
Vibration, temperature, pressure, air filtration, mechanics

Proficiency, flexibility and care for the customer

Texa is a laboratory with more than 20 years of experience in vibration, climatic, air filters, pressure and mechanical testing.

Tests can be carried out in accordance with international standards or manufacturers technical specification.

The long experience gained by our technicians can help the customer to define his own testing plan.

Texa is a small group of people who work together since the laboratory was established. The team spirit makes it dynamic and flexible to serve the customer.

There has always been great attention to the specific needs of who is asking a test. The capability to answer uncommon requests is a great additional value for us and is the opportunity to increase our skills and experience as well.

Customer presence during the execution of the test is welcome and the helpfulness to comply specific requirements is always as high as it can be: data acquisition, automation to make the component work during the test, video recording and much more.

The workshop has excellent technical skills and this makes possible to build and assemble the great majority of the tools and structures needed to execute the tests: housings for air filters, fixtures to fix samples, actuator interfaces.

The technicians are capable to put together all the different components needed to build up a test bench that complies with the desired standards and that can manage safely accidents even in case of staff absence.

Our partners cooperate with us since many years and they supply a highly qualified and specialized contribution both in the design and in the manifacturing of the testing tools.

EN ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation ensures the skills and the accuracy of Texa staff as they carry on the test, from the quotation to the test report issue.

Texa: a small, dynamic and efficient team.

Over 20 years of experience

Proficiency and professionalism in testing