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Texa S.r.l. was founded in 1997 as an engineering and testing company to take advantage of the automotive knowledge available in the Turin area. Its main capabilities are:

  • to develope turnkey projects of automotive products
  • to design automotive chassis groups and components
  • to test air filter elements and media for automotive and gas turbine applications under strictly controlled conditions; vibration testing can be coupled to provide valuable and difficult to obtain information
  • to test complete air intake systems for automotive engine and cabin applications; vibration testing may be added
  • vibration fatigue testing outside and inside a temperature and humidity controlled climatic chamber.
  • to run road tests for cars and trucks
  • fatigue testing of components or groups used in automotive, railway, aviation, tractors, earth moving machines by menas of hydraulic actuators
  • to support after sales service by analysing the replaced components coming from the dealers.

All the above activities can be carried out according to the customer specifications or our internal procedures, based on our remarkable and long-term experience.

Texa S.r.l.
Registered Office

C.so M. D'Azeglio, 8 I-10125 Torino - Italy
Ph.(+39) 0112277200 Fax (+39) 0119190997
e-mail: info@texaengineering.it

Headquarters and Labs
Via Gribaudo 22/A I-10034 Chivasso (TO) - Italy
Ph. (+39) 0119195680 Fax (+39) 0119190997

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