Texa S.r.l. Laboratory and testing centre Chivasso
Roof bars test Clutch test bench Air filer housing Air filter box on slip plate

Texa is capable of building itself either housings for air filters or filtering media to be tested, and fixtures to fix samples on laboratory's test rigs.

Texa engineers have a remarkable skill in setting up customized test benches (e.g the one used for ISO 5011 testing), designing and building hardware (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, plexiglass), and control systems (pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, a very wide variety of sensors) integrated each other by PLC systems, LabView and many general purpose languages programming, to ensure a perfect behaviour according to test cycles requested by the customers.

Texa S.r.l.

C.so M. D'Azeglio, 8 I-10125 Torino - Italy
Ph.(+39) 0112277200 Fax (+39) 0119190997
e-mail: info@texaengineering.it

Labs & Testing Centre:
Via Gribaudo 22/A I-10034 Chivasso (TO) - Italy
Ph. (+39) 0119195680 Fax (+39) 0119190997

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