Texa S.r.l. Laboratori Centro Prove Chivasso
Thermocouple setup for cooling measurements Proving ground measurement Dynamometric steering wheel Car fleet Larson Davis HVM 100

Texa is capable to perform vehicle road tests and measurements such as:

  • Durability test on cars, vans, buses and trucks
  • NVH (Noise and Vibration Harshness) measurements and project approval tests according to customer specifications (temperature, engine revolutions, couple, performance, fuel consumption and more)

Equipments and Instruments

Application field Measurement systems Manufacturer
NVH Microphone, accelerometers, load cells, system acquisition SQLabIII-Artemis 30 channels Head Acoustic, Bruel&Kjaer, RION, APTech
Performance assessment Load cells, stroke, pressure and torque transducers, strain-gage measurements, speed and temperature sensors, fuel consumption gauge, system acquisition WaveBook, Grant, box National Instruments (60 strain gage channels) IOtech, National Instruments, MTS, Metior, HBM, Interface, AEP tranducers, OVAL, Tersid, EMT, Gefran, PENNY & GILES, ASM, STS, RS

Texa is also capable to perform vibration measurements on human body using Larson Davis HVM100 system according to standards:

Texa S.r.l.

C.so M. D'Azeglio, 8 I-10125 Torino - Italy
Ph.(+39) 0112277200 Fax (+39) 0119190997
e-mail: info@texaengineering.it

Labs & Testing Centre:
Via Gribaudo 22/A I-10034 Chivasso (TO) - Italy
Ph. (+39) 0119195680 Fax (+39) 0119190997

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