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Roof bars test Tractor cabin test Actuator Actuators' worktop Test on vehicle

In our laboratory we execute the following tests:

  • components fatigue (with shift or strenght control) or chassis mobile parts fatigue
  • vibration (random from 1 to 50 Hz)
  • static and dynamic surveys with measurement of loads and strains
  • strain surveys (strain gauge)
according to international standards or customer specifications.

Equipments and instruments

hydraulic actuators

  • Moog hydraulic power station (15 kW)
  • Rexroth hydraulic power station (150 kW)
  • n.2 actuators Moog featuring 20 kN - 150 mm
  • n.1 actuator MTS featuring 50 kN - 250 mm
  • n.2 actuators MTS featuring 160 kN - 250 mm
  • n.2 actuators MTS featuring 250 kN - 250 mm

control systems

  • MTMDrive-Moog capable of driving up to four test at the same time with max. 4 actuators per station.
  • wide range of pneumatic actuators and pneumatic power units, tranducers and data acquisition systems (National Instruments, Wavebook, Grant and more)
Texa S.r.l.

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