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Texa laboratories are located in Chivasso (30 km from Turin Airport, 120 km from Milan Malpensa Airport).

The test rigs were designed and mostly manufactured by Texa through a multi-year effort.

The test facilities can assess filter elements or systems performance for several different applications thanks to their remarkable flexibility.
The measurements can be carried out in a very wide airflow range (from 6 to 6000 m3/h). The impressive power (75 kW) of the fan allows reaching any required pressure drop in the test section.
The temperature and relative humidity control guarantees the repeatability of the measured data within the strictest limits required by the market.

The filter element or system performance is carefully measured thanks to high precision and state of the art equipment. The whole test rig is automatically controlled and the measured data are stored digitally. The results are provided to the customers in confidential and protected way through a series of procedures and actions that can get adapted to any kind of need.

In order to be able to offer an updated and internationally recognized service, Texa cooperates to define new testing methodologies and participates in inter-laboratory tests worldwide.

Typical air filtration testing methodologies can be integrated by vibration testing at ambient temperature or in a climatic chamber.
This specific test data can be useful to understand the attitude of objects and systems to stand defined temeperature, relative humidity and mechanical shock ranges (if necessary, combined) that could occur during transport, storage or in operation.
These measured data can provide early indications about faults and weaknesses of prototypes before the start of mass production.
In fact the quality of a product can be assessed by means of a series of tests simulating environmental conditions likely to be experienced during its service life.

In summary, the combination of equipment, software and knowledge can be used:

  • to characterize the products in strict conformity with the most widespread standards adopted by the industry
  • to develope new or improved air cleaning products (benchmarking)
  • to increase the market value of products by demonstrating their performance through innovative testing techniques
Texa S.r.l.

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